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Unveiling the Power of Revaro Front-End Loaders: A Comprehensive Guide

In the realm of heavy machinery, the role of a front-end loader cannot be overstated. These robust machines serve as the workhorses of construction and industrial projects, offering unparalleled power and versatility. Among the myriad of options available, Revaro Front-End Loaders stand out as a beacon of reliability and innovation. In this article, we will explore the significance of front-end loaders, the diverse range offered by Revaro, and why these machines are indispensable for your projects.
What is a Front-End Loader?

Front-end loaders, often referred to as wheel loaders or bucket loaders, are heavy equipment machines designed to scoop, lift, and transport materials such as soil, gravel, and debris. These versatile machines are an essential component in various construction, agriculture, and industrial projects.

The Different Front-End Loaders

Front-end loaders come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit diverse applications. From compact loaders ideal for small construction sites to larger loaders capable of handling significant loads, Revaro offers a range of options tailored to meet specific project requirements.

Benefits of Having a Front-End Loader for Your Project.

1. Efficiency and Productivity:Front-end loaders streamline material handling processes, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity on construction sites or in other industrial settings.
2. Versatility:These loaders are adaptable and can be equipped with various attachments, making them suitable for tasks beyond simple loading. Attachments like forks, buckets, and grapples enhance their versatility.
3. Quick and Precise Operation:Front-end loaders are known for their user-friendly controls, allowing operators to perform tasks quickly and with precision. This results in time savings and improved project timelines.
Why is Servicing a Front-End Loader Important?
Regular maintenance and servicing are crucial to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of front-end loaders. This preventive approach minimizes downtime, reduces repair costs, and extends the overall lifespan of the equipment. Revaro emphasizes the importance of routine maintenance to keep their front-end loaders operating at peak efficiency.

Did You Know That Revaro Has the Parts You Need?
Revaro takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of parts and accessories specifically designed for their front-end loaders. Whether you require replacement components, upgrades, or specialized attachments, Revaro has you covered.
Explore Revaro Front-End Loaders
Visit to explore their catalogue, learn more about their products, and discover how Revaro can elevate the capabilities of your project.
In conclusion, investing in a Revaro Front-End Loader ensures the efficiency of your operations and provides access to reliable servicing and genuine replacement parts. Choose Revaro for a powerful, versatile, and dependable solution for your material handling needs.

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Revaro Concrete Trends

What are you adding to your concrete mix?
According to a leading supplier of construction and concrete materials in South Africa, the ideal high strength concrete mix includes a ratio of 1:3:3 of Cement, sand and water. But this is not exactly the mix were referring to.
Revaro Concrete Equipment (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of concrete production machines & equipment.
So what can we add to your concrete production mix?
There are different projects that use Precast concrete, some are structural for example bridges, foundations, parking garages, retaining walls etc. Other projects are specific to different types of buildings like office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres or schools. A great example to demonstrate just how diverse our product mix is, is a housing project.

As seen in the image above Revaro Concrete Equipment (Pty)Ltd supplies machines for almost every element that builds your home. We supply brick, block, paver & retaining block making machines, roof tile extruder machines, lintel machines, hollow core slab machines and even concrete pipe & pole making machines. 
Not only do we stock a whole range of machines that make all kinds of different precast materials, but we also supply a wide range of sizes which makes it affordable whether you are a start-up company or an established business. An example of this is our range of brick, block, paver & retaining block making machines, where we stock from manual, electric, hydraulic and large ride-on automatic egg layers, to large static manual, automatic and fully automatic machines with elevator and de-elevator, finger cart, curing rooms and cuber / packer. 
These machine can produce from 7 000 - 250 000 stock bricks, 5 400 - 162 000 pavers, 4 000 - 140 000 maxi bricks & 1 440 - 40 000 6”Hollow blocks per 9hr shift. But it does not end there, Revaro Concrete Equipment also supplies all the additional equipment and machinery needed to set up your entire production plant and the loaders and forklifts to move materials. 
Below is a short list of the product ranges available
Brick, block, paver & retaining block making machines

Kerb making machines Our Kerb Making Machines are able to manufacture all South African kerb stones up to 1m in length. They come in 1 or 3 head automatic.Capacity : 400 - 1 500 p/day

Lintel & hollow-core slab plantsLintel Capacity : 2 500 - 50 000 p/dayHollow core capacity : 600 - 1 200 p/day

Pipe & pole making machines Pipe sizes : 250 mm - 3000mmPole sizes : various 

Roof tile plantsWe offer hydraulic pressed or extruder roof tile machinesCapacity : 500 - 20 000 p/day

Mixers & BatchersBatchers are able to batch up to four different aggregates automatically with PLC, this eliminates maintenance from boom scrapers Pan, Twin-shaft & large volume Planetary mixersCapacity : 350 - 500L | 500 - 1 500L | 500 - 3 250L 

Cone, jaw, hammer crushersCrushing machines & plants are very important in the precast industry as they allow manufacturers to re-use concrete and thereby reduce waste and operating costs.

Trolleys & stackers

Composite and plywood palletsRevaro Composite Production Pallets are produced from a blend of proprietary high quality composite materials and fibers and are the most significant breakthrough in production pallets.We also supply local and imported pine plywood of the highest quality treated with Revaro wax oil and sealed with phenolic waterproof glues.

Roll forming & concrete roof tile machinesRoll forming is the process of continuously bending steel coils, by passing them through consecutive sets of rollers, to a desires shape for use in building and construction.  Our Concrete Tile machine is extremely versatile. All South African roof tiles can be produced with the use of interchangeable moulds.

PC Wire & strandOur PC Wire and Strand is mainly used in the reinforcement and production of prestressed concrete.

Corrugated steel sheeting We supply Steel coils, meaning sheet metal in coil form, for use in roll forming

ForkliftsRough Terrain, All Terrain & Standard from 2Ton to 10TonStandard from 2T to 35Ton

Loaders1.2T - 5T Wheel Loaders2T Telescopic Wheel Loader

Excavators0.8T - 6T Excavators
Revaro even keeps your plant running during loadshedding with our Diesel Generators, ranging from 15kVA to 2500kVA, enough to power from your home right up to a fully functioning production plant.
Contact Revaro on 011 794 8271 and find out how we can help you build your precast business. We offer technical support with the layout, commissioning, training and maintenance of your plant and equipment and even stock the wear and spare parts for all types of concrete machines and materials handling equipment.
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Backhoe Loaders has been around.

Backhoe Loaders has been around.
Backhoe Loaders have been around since 1947 when the first backhoe swing arm attachment was designed and patented and sold for the first time in 1948 as a tractor attachment. There is a long history of patents and improvements that are documented with an interesting sequence of events.
From 1997 one of the largest manufacturers in India has been working on and perfected the design of their backhoe loaders and launched various models with attachments throughout the years. Since the release of the HD100 in 2015 these robust and reliable machines have been available to Revaro clients, known as the Revaro HD76, HD96 and HD100. Revaro Backhoe Loaders (TLB's) are made by Bull Equipment in India, the largest competitor to other major brands of TLB's in the world.
Revaro Equipment (Pty) Ltd is the distributor of the Revaro brand TLB's in Africa. Revaro backhoe loaders dig deeper, push harder, load higher and exceed all expectations. A comparison study was done between these machines and some of the most popular brands in the world. Revaro machines outperformed the competition on all levels and this evidently shows why their TLB's are the best machines for the job at an affordable price in the South African and African markets. Revaro Group local stock holdings are in an excess of R200 million for equipment.
From building dams, levelling roads, dozing, cutting and filling, excavating, and digging trenches, to digging up and moving earth on a building site or mine, these machines are versatile and suited to any environment and weather conditions. Revaro weatherproof cabs and 4x4 capabilities increase productivity as there is less downtime during unfavourable conditions.

All backhoe loaders come standard with a side shift digging arm, this enables you to dig closer to permanent structures like buildings and walls, and air-conditioning. They also offer the option of Quick hitch, making it simpler, faster and more user friendly to switch between a wide range of attachments.
Revaro backhoe loaders have the world's best components from the world's leading manufacturers driving them forward. Proven Kirloskar engines, Carraro transmissions (Italy), Hydro control valves (Italy), Carlisle brakes (USA), Casappa pumps (Italy), Carraro axles (Italy), Danfoss brakes (Denmark) and AKG Radiator coolers (German).
Revaro Parts (Pty) Ltd is the official parts distributor for the Revaro brand of TLB's and equipment, in addition to this they also stock parts for all major brands of equipment. Revaro Parts warehouse has service and wear parts available to the value of more than R40 million at any given time, and a team of field service technicians who are always ready to assist in any situation to ensure your equipment runs efficiently. 
Contact Revaro to find out more about how their backhoe loaders can benefit you and fulfill your requirements. Specialist consultants have hands on training on the operation of these machines and can give you the best professional advise.

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Revaro Materials Handling: Your Trusted Source for Sturdy and Affordable Forklift Solutions in South Africa

Your Trusted Source for Sturdy and Affordable Forklift Solutions in South Africa.
A Forklift is not just a piece of equipment, it's a tool that can save you time and energy by doing all the Heavy lifting. Revaro range of forklifts are sturdy and extremely durable, with an excellent reputation.
PRODUCT OFFERINGRevaro Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd, is a reliable company that offers a wide range of Standard, All Terrain and Rough terrain Forklifts in South Africa, that are dependable and affordable.
The Revaro range has various lifting capacities and masts available in Diesel Forklifts. Diesel models are the best in class when it comes to fuel consumption, they also have reduced harmful emissions and cut running costs. 
We supply a full range of new forklifts for sale which include 2 to 10Ton diesel forklifts as well as Container handlersOne year / 2000 hour mechanical warrantyVery competitive prices We offer service packages on new machines to keep your machine in top running orderIf you're looking to buy, hire or lease forklifts in Johannesburg and Nationally, we have a materials handling solution for you.

With our Dealers network spread across South Africa, and over 6 Technical service teams in the field, Revaro offers a comprehensive services and support structure.
Revaro has a national footprint and infrastructure that allows us to carry out services and repairs on and off-site, within a 48 hour response time.
We are here to support you with maintenance and product spares over the lifecycle of your machine. Major and minor services and repairs, of various makes and models, are available with the added value of having experienced and knowledgeable technicians to keep your forklifts up and running.
We fully stock spares and parts, aftermarket and OPM, for all brands of Forklifts. 
AFFORDABLE We provide finance, leasing and rental options and a warranty on all products.Revaro has some of the most competitive, value for money machines in the market place. 
ADDED VALUEOur Forklifts are provided based on a full site analysis to determine whether you will need all terrain, rough terrain or standard forklifts.
No matter if you need a forklift for heavy loads or light loads. Revaro has the ideal forklift for you. If you are not sure exactly what you're looking for, our expert team are more than happy to recommend something for you based on your needs.

Revaro machines are hardwearing and durable - ideally built for the challenges of the South African environment.

Contact us today to get your Revaro Materials Handling -  011 794 8271

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Brick & Block Makers

Affordable technology that builds brick businessesCatering for SMME brick and block manufacturers requires an in-depth understanding of their production and end-user requirements. Construction World speaks to Reyno van Rooyen, CEO, Revaro Concrete Equipment, about their custom and off-the-shelf solutions.
What are some of your more popular brick and block making machines?Depending on each unique situation, we have machines suited for all types of SMME and start-up businesses. Very small start-ups, especially in your rural areas, have had great success with our range of manual egg layers. Our range consists of the REL3-1, REL4-1, REL5-1 and REL8-1, priced between R20 000 to R110 000.

Among these, is the REL4-1 manual egg-layer. This machine produces 14 stock bricks per drop and 3 780 bricks per 9-hour shift. This is perfect for areas where electricity is scarce, as you have a manual, petrol or 220V electric option, no 3-phase power required. It is important to note that it is recommended to produce any bricks on a concrete slab, but they can also be produced on ground that is level. With interchangeable moulds, our clients have more opportunities to cater for different customers according to their needs. This one machine can create up to 5 jobs. 
What's the next step up for more established operations?If you have a larger budget, our RS (Revaro Static) range of machines would be suitable as they vary between R82 000 to R900 000. An example of one of our start-up machines is the Revaro RS5-2.5. This unit features an auto-mould feed with a dual-electric vibration motor to ensure the best compaction for high quality concrete bricks, blocks, and pavers. The RS5-2.5 is only complete with the addition of a 350L or 500L pan mixer, 6m or 8m conveyer belt to feed the concrete mixture plus a wet block stacker. But Revaro offers a tailormade solution that suits your budget and delivers on your production demands. This being said we even supply the equipment needed to move larger quantities of bricks and aggregates like forklifts and loaders.
From a manufacturing throughput perspective, we'd also recommend our plywood production pallets and brick trolleys to move the ready stacked pallets with bricks to the curing area for drying. Our RS5-2.5 requires between 8 - 10 people to run the full production line from the aggregate transport to the packing of the complete bricks and blocks. 
Revaro also offers a wide range of diesel generators to keep production running during load shedding or power outages.
Does Revaro offer tailor-made solutions for customers?Yes, this is one of our core specialisations. Our inhouse engineering team offers a machine manufacturing and customisation service. We offer standard moulds for hollow blocks, interlocking pavers, bevel pavers, inland and coastal maxi bricks, and stock bricks, and can always customize to your exact requirements.
What type of support and advice do you offer SMMEs?Before we even start with the sales process we go through the requirements for each machine with our client. We assess their situation, budget and surroundings and advise on critical elements such as the size, layout, materials, and other basics they will need to get their production line up and running. We help them with a costing sheet to realistically show the potential of each machine so that a well-informed decision can be made.
There are many aspects to site preparations needed for our machines to function optimally and these details are given to the client in advance as a pre-installation requirement checklist. Once this checklist is complete and signed off by the client or a site manager, as well as a 3rd party electrician arranged by the client, we are ready for installation. Revaro sends its highly trained and experienced technicians to go through the entire set up of each machine and plant. 
Once the production line is set up, a soft start is done to calibrate and adjust the system; then the first hard start gets under way. From there our technician spends the next few days, depending on the setup complexity, conducting in-depth training whilst running production, with the customer's staff responsible for the day to day running of the machine. We also recommend that the owner or manager attends this training to ensure the skills handed over are performed as instructed.

Examples include daily maintenance checks and the ability to troubleshooting small snags, thereby ensuring seamless productivity.
What happens after the sale and installation?Our service doesn't end with commissioning and training after installation. We have seven field services support teams that are available to assist customers if the need arises. Our lead time, depending on where the site is located, is within 48 hours and we send our best technical minds to solve any problem. We also stock and manufacture all the parts needed to avoid any delays and downtime. 
Every machine we sell goes through a rigorous quality assurance inspection at our factory, and once again at the customer's site to verify that the commissioning is perfect. From there we're always on standby to assist with any advice and to help grow our SMME start-ups into leading brick and block suppliers to the industry.
The REL4-1 manual egg-layer produces 14 stock bricks per drop and 3 780 bricks per 9 hour shift including Drum mixer.

The RS5-2.5 machine features an auto-mould feed with a dual-electric vibration motor to ensure the best compaction for high quality concrete bricks, blocks, and pavers. Complete with a stacker, 8m conveyor and mixer.

Contact us today to start your own business -  011 794 8271
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Revaro FD30D Forklifts: Power, Performance, and Precision

Revaro FD30D Forklifts: Power, Performance, and PrecisionAre you in search of a forklift that combines power, reliability, and comfort while adhering to the highest international quality standards? Look no further than Revaro FD30D Forklifts. These exceptional machines are designed to elevate your material handling operations to new heights. With a robust engine, advanced safety features, and customizable mast options, the Revaro FD30D Forklift is your trusted partner in various industrial settings. In this article, we'll delve into the key features and specifications of this remarkable forklift.
Powerful Engine for Efficient OperationsThe heart of the Revaro FD30D Forklift is its powerful Quanchai QC490PGmm engine, delivering an impressive 39kW of power. This engine ensures consistent and reliable performance, enabling you to handle heavy loads with ease. Whether you're working in a warehouse, construction site, or manufacturing facility, this forklift's engine will provide the power you need to get the job done efficiently.
Stability and Precision in Every TurnOne of the standout features of the Revaro FD30D is its low centre of gravity and small turning radius. These characteristics contribute to enhanced stability and precision during operation. You'll find it easier to navigate tight spaces and manoeuvre around obstacles, improving overall safety and productivity.
Comfortable Seat for Extended UseFor operators who spend long hours on the forklift, comfort is essential. The Revaro FD30D is equipped with a comfortable seat designed to reduce operator fatigue during extended use. This ergonomic design ensures that your team can stay productive without sacrificing their well-being.

Safety at the ForefrontSafety is a top priority when it comes to material handling equipment. The Revaro FD30D Forklift features a safe overhead guard to protect operators from falling objects, ensuring a secure working environment. Additionally, a rear light is included for operations in low-light conditions, further enhancing safety.
Clean Air, Longer LifeThe Revaro FD30D is equipped with a dual air filter system, which not only ensures clean air intake but also extends the life of the engine. With this feature, you can count on your forklift to operate smoothly and efficiently for years to come.
Customizable Mast OptionsTo meet your specific needs, the Revaro FD30D Forklift offers a range of mast options. Whether you require a 2-stage mast with heights of 3m, 3.5m, or 4m, or a 3-stage mast with heights ranging from 4.5m to an impressive 7.3m, Revaro has you covered. This flexibility allows you to tailor the forklift to your unique operational requirements.

Additional Specifications
Transmission: HydraulicLifting Height: 3m - 7.3mTurning Radius: 2,500mmFork Size: 1.22mTyres: Solid or PneumaticRated Capacity: 3,000kgPower Type: Diesel

In conclusion, the Revaro FD30D Forklift is a testament to quality, performance, and versatility. Whether you need to lift heavy loads in a warehouse, move materials on a construction site, or handle various tasks in a manufacturing facility, this forklift is up to the challenge. Its powerful engine, stability, operator comfort, safety features, and customizable mast options make it a standout choice in the world of material handling equipment.
Elevate your operations with Revaro FD30D Forklifts today!

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Tracksteer in Agriculture and Construction

Tracksteer in Agriculture and ConstructionIntroducing Revaro's latest innovation in construction equipment: the all-new Revaro T-REX710 & T-REX712 Tracksteer Loaders. Designed to revolutionize productivity and versatility on construction sites, these Tracksteer loaders are set to make a significant impact in the industry. They are similar to skid steer loaders but feature a tracked undercarriage instead of wheels, providing enhanced traction and stability on uneven terrain.

When it comes to the construction and Agriculture industry in South Africa, Revaro Tracksteer Loaders offer several advantages:
Excellent Manoeuvrability:Tracksteer loaders have a compact design and a tight turning radius, making them ideal for navigating congested construction sites and confined spaces. This manoeuvrability is particularly useful in urban areas where space is limited.
Enhanced Stability and Traction: The track system of Tracksteer loaders provides superior traction and stability on challenging terrains, including uneven, muddy, or rough surfaces. This capability is valuable in South Africa, where construction sites can often encounter diverse and demanding ground conditions.

Increased Load Capacity: Revaro's Tracksteer Loaders are designed to handle heavy loads with ease. They have a high lifting capacity, enabling operators to transport and load materials efficiently, enhancing productivity on construction sites.

Versatility with Attachments:Tracksteer loaders are highly versatile machines that can perform a wide range of tasks in construction. Revaro offers a range of attachments that can be quickly and easily mounted, such as buckets, forks, augers, trenchers, and grapples, allowing them to handle multiple applications like digging, lifting, grading, loading, and material handling.

Operator Comfort and Safety: Revaro's Tracksteer loaders are equipped with ergonomic controls, comfortable seating, and improved visibility, providing operators with a safe and comfortable working environment. This can contribute to increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue during long work hours.

Increased Productivity: With their powerful engines and high lifting capacities, Tracksteer loaders can efficiently move and transport heavy loads. They can quickly load and unload materials, improving overall productivity on construction sites and reducing downtime.

Easy Maintenance: Tracksteer loaders are designed for easy maintenance, with accessible engine compartments and service points. This helps streamline maintenance tasks, reducing downtime and keeping the machines operational for longer periods.
Fuel Efficiency: These Tracksteer loaders are designed to be fuel-efficient, utilizing advanced engine technology and optimized hydraulic systems. This reduces fuel consumption and operating costs, making them more economical for construction businesses.

These benefits and functions make Tracksteer loaders valuable equipment in the construction industry in South Africa, enabling efficient and versatile operations across various construction projects.

Here is an overview of common attachments available for Revaro Tracksteer loaders and their multi-purpose applications:
Bucket: The bucket attachment is the most common and versatile tool for a Tracksteer loader. It can be used for digging, moving, and loading materials such as soil, gravel, sand, and debris. Buckets come in various sizes and configurations, including general-purpose buckets, rock buckets, and grapple buckets for handling bulkier materials.
Forks: Fork attachments transform Tracksteer loaders into forklifts, enabling them to lift and transport palletized materials and heavy loads. They are commonly used for moving pallets, construction materials, and other items that require precise positioning and stability.
Auger: Auger attachments are used for drilling holes in the ground. They are ideal for tasks like fence post installations, tree planting, and foundation work. Tracksteer loaders equipped with auger attachments can quickly and efficiently dig holes of various diameters and depths.
Trencher: Trencher attachments are designed for digging narrow and deep trenches. They are commonly used in utility installations, irrigation systems, and underground cable or pipe laying. Trenchers are available in different sizes and can create trenches with precise depths and widths.
Grapple: Grapple attachments consist of two or more hinged arms with claws or jaws. They are used for grasping and lifting bulky or irregularly shaped materials, such as logs, rocks, and construction debris. Grapples are often employed in land clearing, forestry, and waste management applications.
Sweeper: Sweeper attachments are equipped with rotating brushes or brooms and are used for cleaning and sweeping tasks. They can effectively remove dirt and debris from roads, parking lots, sidewalks, and construction sites. Sweeper attachments are particularly useful for maintaining cleanliness and safety on construction projects.
Mulcher: Mulcher attachments are designed for vegetation management and land clearing. They can efficiently shred trees, brush, and vegetation into fine mulch. Mulchers are commonly used in forestry, landscaping, and land development projects.
Grader Blade: Grader blade attachments are used for grading, levelling, and smoothing surfaces. They can be employed for road construction, landscaping, and site preparation tasks, ensuring precise grading and surface finishes.
The versatility and compatibility of these attachments make Tracksteer loaders highly adaptable machines for a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

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Embarking on a Brick, Block, or Paver Making Venture: A Step-by-Step Guide

So you want to start a Brick, Block or Paver making business
Before we can get to the "how" of starting a brick-making business, let's look at the "why"?Despite difficult economic conditions in our country, the South African construction sector is still growing. The population is on the rise and as the country develops, it focuses on urbanization and the expansion of infrastructure. There are large buildings, complexes, and low-cost housing being built in many of SA's large cities, and bricks are considered the primary building material in these residential and commercial projects.

Why are bricks so useful?Bricks proven reliability passes the test of time in any climate. It's insulating capabilities and passive solar heat retention make brick equally suitable for hot summers and cold winters.What are the benefits of starting a brick-making business?The demand for bricks makes this type of business profitable. Another benefit of making bricks is that this material can be produced on a small scale, which makes it a suitable option for people who want to launch a small business. With unemployment rates that have risen, partly a result of the economic decline during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting worldwide lockdown, it is more important than ever to be an entrepreneur and contribute to job creation.

With the cost of building at an all-time high manufacturing quality bricks at an affordable price can be a very successful venture.
Moreover, all the above businesses can be expanded by supplying other materials like sand, stone, and cement.The major advantages of opening a brick factory are listed below: Low capital investments Escalating demand for bricks Cost-effective in terms of business structure Exemplary small business idea The process for making bricks is simple and easy to understand Competition at the local and regional levels only Low labour requirements Reduced wastage of raw materials Presence of a handful of organised players in the market Recycling the materials and by-products is feasibleStarting a business is not as simple as Purchasing a machine and growing overnight. There are first a few questions that need to be considered.What type of Concrete brick-making business do I want to start?At Revaro Concrete Equipment we have a wide variety of not only Brick, block & paver-making machines but also the various moulds, pallets, and materials handling equipment needed for a fully functional plant.

We recommend starting with larger quantities of fewer products. If a client wants to order 10sqm of a specific size, you want to be able to produce and deliver in the shortest time possible. The popularity of products varies, depending on the area you are based in. Our best-selling products, and a great option to start with, would be the RS5-2.5 with stock mould, 6-inch hollow block mould, or 80mm Interlocking pavers. The ideal production slab is 7x11m with 3phrase power & and water on site and if possible a canopy to cover the machine.

Once you get to know the products and with the guidance of our sales consulted you will be enabled to make a well-informed decision.Revaro's Brick-Making Machines AvailableEgg Layers: Manual Electric Hydraulic Fully Automatic Large CapacityStatic Brick-Making Machines Manual Manual / Electrical Static Hydraulic Static Hydraulic Fully Automatic Static Hydraulic Fully Automatic with curing Chambers, Cubing, Packing, and wrapping.To view our full range, click here.
Concrete Kerb Machines Forest Single Mould Press Revaro Two Mould Slab and Kerb Press Forest Three Mould Press Revaro RLWP-1 - Linear Wet PressTo view our full range, click here.
Lintel Making Machines 60 x 148 Lintel Machine 70 x 105 Lintel Machine 70 x 140 Lintel Machine 110 x 140 Lintel Machine*We can supply any profile/size.
To view our full range, click here. Hollow Core Slab Machines RHC100-600 RHC 120-600 RHC 150-600 RHC 180-600To view our full range, click here -

Concrete Roof Tile Machines RRTPExtrusion Tile Machine RRTE-5 RRTE-10 RRTE-20 RRTE-30To view our full range, click here.
Moulds 4", 6" or 9" Hollow Blocks Interlocking Pavers Bevel Pavers Inland Maxi Coastal Maxi________________________________________________________________________________________________________Who are the major players in the market and what are they producing?The brick industry faces competition at the regional and local level only. So, you should analyze your competitors and the prices they offer. Before you start your brick-making business, you'll need to check what demand there is for which type of building material in your area. Remember to review your competition to get an idea of who your business will be up against. Evaluate the competition Describe this brick-making business sector, as well as your customers. Target Market
- Small construction companies building private housing.
- Ordinary DIY customers who will use it for their own needs(Building renovation etc.)
- Farmers and small holdings building structures on their farms.
- Construction companies generally use bricks and blocks in their daily activities. NGOs involved in building RDP housing and other structures for underprivileged communities in the developing world need bricks to build homes, schools, and a variety of structures. To compete in the industry, you should focus on Network building. Try to make new connections in the field of construction. They will help you expand your business and ensure regular orders. Try and connect with the contractors, builders, architects, etc., of your locality and area and maintain good relations with them.Offer quality services to your customers. A good place to start is to contact the Cement Manufacturing Association (CMA). They can certify your product and just this stamp of approval speaks volumes to the quality and integrity of your work.

Brick and block-producing plants can benefit from Revaro's expert advice and consultation when purchasing new block machines from us. Plant layout and efficiency analysis might indicate how small changes can make a big difference.

Advantages and benefits of having your own block machines. Customize the machine you buy to suit your operation perfectly Choose between different moulds to fit the project specifications Quality of bricks and blocks you produce instead of depending on another company's workmanship Flexible production schedules can ensure optimization of resources and manpower.Where will my business be located?Putting careful thought into the location of your brick-making business pays off. You'll need to consider the size of the property as well as its ground slope. Enough room is required to store sand and cement as well as the completed bricks.

Staff amenities and an office are also required. Safety and ease of access are other factors that should be considered. Your site should be in the vicinity of your customers and your suppliers.

Those considerations include the climatic conditions and the temperature of the geographic location. Proper warehouse facilities should be available along with the factory space to store the bricks. The transport facilities should be within reach and approachable. There is a need for local laborers as the place should be accessible easily. Other basic amenities must be constructed at the decided location. After considering all these aspects, a location must be selected out of all possible locations for your factory.

You have to choose a site that is close to your customers, and that is also close to your suppliers. The location has to have a levelled surface and also the site has to be big enough to make and cure the amount of cement bricks/blocks you want to produce.What skill-set and knowledge do I require to run1. The actual machine (how are bricks made)The first thing you need to know before you start your own brick-making business is that you have to know the process of making Bricks. Once we are well acquainted with the process of how the bricks are made, drafting a blueprint of requirements for opening a brick factory becomes trouble-free.

The simple process of how bricks are made is described as under:Gathering, crushing, grinding, screening
The various materials required for making bricks are gathered first. It includes a collection of soil, sand, cement, and water.Preparation and tempering of mixture
Once we have all the required materials, then they should be added in a specified proportion.Mixing the raw materials
All materials are mixed well.Moulding
The mixture then needs to be moulded. Revaro offers a wide range of brick, block, and paver moulds for all machines.Curing
After the mixture is place in moulds, it is dried for a couple of days. The drying usually takes 3-10 days. Drying can be done naturally or artificially.
2. The Business Develop your business skills.
While knowing how to make bricks is important, you'll also need to have business skills. You can consider enrolling for a business course where you'll learn more about finances, sales, and marketing. This training will enable you to compile a business plan that will give your enterprise a good foundation. This plan includes the goals and objectives that will guide your business.Prepare a Business Plan
It is very important to have a comprehensive business plan which should include your strategic focus, a marketing plan, an operations plan, a staffing plan, and a financial plan. A business plan helps clarify objectives and spell out what you want to achieve in your business.Before you start manufacturing consider completing a business course. This will be invaluable as you learn about financial management, sales, marketing, understanding a balance sheet, and more. 

What are the basic elements that I need to have in place before I can set up my brick-making machine?
Revaro can help with the planning and layout of your plantElectricityFoundationEnough spaceBasic AmenitiesHere is where Revaro really comes in and provides exceptional services. Before your machine/plant is set up we send out a technician to do a site inspection. What this means for you as the client, is you have our expertise, knowledge, and experience at your disposal. We will give you all the guidance to ensure that your machine/plant functions at its optimal performance.EquipmentThere are numerous types of Brick Machines available from Revaro and these brick-making machines are easy to use at affordable prices.
What can you expect to receive:Pre-installation site visit (additional cost)Technical drawing on optimal plant foundations and layoutRecommended power pointsPre-installation checklistElectrical Requirements list (COC sign-off is recommended by a third-party electrician as this is not provided)What are the ingredients that go into my Brick Making Formula and how or where do I get the raw materials?SandStoneWaterCementFly ashAvailability of raw materialOnce you decide your factory's location, the raw material arrangements should be done. They should be supplied from your nearest location to save the transportation costs and ensure timely delivery of raw materials. The various raw materials used in the manufacturing of bricks are cement, stones, sand, stone, dust, water, silica, lime, soil, etc. These materials should be easily available and affordable. Keep adequate stock of raw materials in hand.
PPC SUREBUILD Cement 42,5 N is ideal for small-scale cement brick/block manufacture. PPC SUREBUILD 42,5 N compiles with SANS 50197-1. PPC SUREBUILD Cement 42,5 N with extra strength makes more concrete than regular general-purpose cement.
42,5R - Rapid curingClean river sandClean water - if you can drink it, it is suitable for brick/block making.The most important factor is sourcing quality local aggregates, to keep your costs low. The best option would be, to go to your nearest builders supply store and ask for assistance, alternatively try and find a local crusher plant in the area, or even get your own crusher from Revaro.
You would need the following:Washed river sandAnything from 6mm to 13mm stone is acceptableBags of CementMixing Ratios:2 Parts washed river sand2 Parts Stone1 Part CemenrWaterIf you are only able to get hold of the crusher run, mix 4 parts crusher run to 1 part cement.
After preparing your moulds, mix all of the aggregates together and add water until you get the texture of thick porridge. Always remember that the quantity of water will vary and may take some trial and error depending on the temperature and humidity. Hotter days will require more water to compensate for fast evaporation. Extremely cold days require less water to speed up the curing time and prevent freezing.
Leave to cure for at least 24 hours. We recommend packing the freshly cast bricks on pallets and wrapping them with pallet wrap, this will keep the moisture from evaporating too fast and give you a stronger product.
Revaro Brick Pallets has a wide range of Local Plywood and composite pallets to suit your needs. Click here

How big or small would I like to begin?Manual egg layersFully automated plantsWhere you start depends on how much capital you have. If you have the capital you can buy a machine with a built-in raw material feeder, pan/cement/concrete mixer, and conveyor belt. There is also a somewhat in-between way: buy the block-making machine and concrete mixer separately, that should be your minimum goal. Starting manually is really hard, but if there is no other way then you have to do just that.

What other equipment would I need?Manufacturing equipmentAfter you make sure that raw materials will be made available when needed, you need to decide what equipment would be required to produce bricks. The method or equipment you undertake for production purposes helps us decide the raw materials needed and where they need to be transported at Your location. 
So, the first step is to list down the necessary equipment. Check up on the various models available for particular machinery and the variety of the same. Categorize your machinery according to the functions they are going to perform. The machinery to be used is economical and durable. 
Investing in the right equipment is essential for the success of your brick-making business. Affordability and durability are two of the main attributes you'll need to look for.

The Equipment you need to get started and that you will find readily available from Revaro includes the following:
Pan MixerBrick making MachineTrolleysBrick PalletsForkliftLoaderBrick Production Line EquipmentTwin Shaft MixerBox FeederRoller CrusherConveyorDrum ScreenCrusherTwo-Stage CrusherRoller CrusherJaw CrusherHammer CrusherGenerator
Other equipment found at your local hardware store:WheelbarrowSpadesDurable water bucketsSievesPlastic sheetsElectrical Shovel
What are all my overhead costs?Before you start your business, you need to determine whether you have enough capital to cover the set-up expenses. You need to consider how much it costs to capital to cover the set-up expenses. You need to consider how much it costs to buy or rent the site where you will be making the bricks. Once you have found the right space, you'll have to pay for any adjustments the property needs.
After deciding whether to adopt semi-automatic or fully automatic machinery, the costings need to be analyzed. Compare the prices of different machinery, raw materials, etc. The output that you are expecting to produce needs to be examined. Consider the other costs associated with starting a factory, such as labor costs, material costs, electricity bills, water and other bills, etc. The cost-effectiveness of your model should be scrutinized.
Brick and motor costLabour (Salaries / Wages)Electricity & water (Generator during loadshedding)Wastage & MaintenanceLoan / Funding repayment with interestTransportEquipmentFuel (Generator, TLB, Loader, Forklifts)
If you are looking for a trusted manufacturer of block machines and other concrete brick and paving machinery, please do not hesitate to contact Revaro Concrete Equipment (Pty) Ltd on 011 794 8271 or visit our website.

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The Versatility of Diesel Generators: Powering Farms in Various Ways.

Diesel generators have gained significant popularity among farmers and agricultural professionals due to their versatility, reliability, and fuel efficiency. These powerful machines serve as an essential source of power and energy on farms, offering a multitude of applications. In this article, we will explore the different uses of diesel generators on various farms and their indispensable role in sustaining agricultural operations.
Powering Essential Equipment:
Diesel generators play a crucial role in powering vital equipment on farms. Irrigation systems and water pumps, which are essential for maintaining crop health, can be efficiently operated using diesel-generated electricity. By providing a reliable power source, diesel generators ensure a consistent and uninterrupted water supply, enabling farmers to optimize crop growth and yield.Electricity for Buildings:
Farm buildings require electricity to support various functions. Diesel generators can provide electricity for lighting, heating, and cooling systems, as well as power appliances and other electrical equipment. Some generators are even capable of powering entire homes or small communities, making them invaluable in remote farming areas where grid connectivity may be limited.
Backup Power:
Power outages can have detrimental effects on farming operations, leading to decreased productivity, food spoilage, and financial losses. Diesel generators serve as dependable backup power sources during such situations, ensuring that essential operations continue uninterrupted. By providing a reliable power supply, these generators mitigate the risks associated with power outages and safeguard agricultural productivity. Impact on Dairy Farms:
Dairy farms heavily rely on electricity throughout their mechanized processes, including milking machines and milk cooling systems. Load shedding, a practice employed during electricity shortages, can significantly impact dairy farm operations, particularly during peak milking hours. Diesel generators act as a lifeline, ensuring uninterrupted power supply to minimize disruptions and maintain milk production efficiency. Fruit and Vegetable Farms:
Fruit and vegetable farms often require temperature-controlled environments, especially when produce is destined for export markets. Diesel generators power cold storage facilities, maintaining the required temperature levels for preserving freshness and extending shelf life. By preventing spoilage, farmers can optimize their product's value and meet the demands of international markets effectively. Crop Farms:
Crop farms, particularly those relying on irrigation, face substantial challenges during load shedding. Irrigation is usually scheduled during cooler periods of the day to minimize water evaporation. Unfortunately, these periods often coincide with peak electricity demand. Diesel generators step in, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for irrigation systems, safeguarding crop health, and maximizing yield potential. Poultry Farms:
Poultry farms require careful regulation of heating, especially during winter months. Young chicks housed in broiler houses require controlled heating to ensure optimal growth and health. Diesel generators provide a reliable source of power for heating systems, enabling farmers to maintain precise temperature conditions during critical stages of chick development. Heating Structures:
In colder climates, diesel generators are essential for heating barns and other farm structures. These generators can power radiant flooring systems or other heating mechanisms, providing warmth and comfort to animals. By maintaining suitable temperatures, farmers create optimal conditions for livestock health and well-being, ultimately enhancing productivity. 

Remote and Off-Grid Operations:
For farmers operating in remote areas or off-grid locations, diesel generators offer a reliable and self-sufficient power solution. These generators ensure a continuous power supply for lighting, heating, and other essential needs, enabling farmers to carry out their operations efficiently without relying on external power sources.
#Revaro #Equipment #Generators #Impact #Loadshedding #Farms #PoweringEssentialEquipment #RemoteandOffGridOperations #PoultryFarms #CropFarms #FruitandVegetableFarms #Energy #BackupPower #ElectricityforBuildings
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We're here at the Val Boeredag

We're here at the Val Boeredag and we can't wait to see you here! Feel free to come and visit our stall today and chat with our Revaro Team about our wide range of machines. We are particularly proud of our reliable equipment that is specifically designed for agricultural applications.We have so many exciting things to share with you, from our innovative technology to the latest features in agricultural machinery. Our team is ready to answer all your questions and show you how our machines can transform your agriculture industry.Don't forget to take a picture with our team and tag us with #REVARO #Equipment. We would like to share the moment with you and see where our reliable equipment does its job.We look forward to welcoming you here!#REVARO #Equipment #Forklift #TLB #Loaders #Laaigrawe #vurkhyse #Agriculture #ValBoeredag2023 #RevaroToerusting #revaroequipment

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Revaro Review Revolution

Wicket Your Way to Victory with Revaro's Review Revolution!
The Super Kings are clashing with the Sunrisers at Wanderers, and you could be there live with epic tickets up for grabs! Just wicket your way to victory with our Revaro Review Revolution!⚡

How to enter: (Choose your weapon!)
•Leave a stellar review on our Google Business Page and (
•Show off your Revaro machine in action! Post a working photo or video on your social media and tag us:
•WhatsApp us on 083 898 5516 with your working photos or videos and include your company details
•Post your epic pic or vid on our facebook post in the comments

Who can enter?
•Any Revaro customer with a machine in use (Equipment, Concrete, Steel & wire - all heroes welcome!)
•Johannesburg/Pretoria and surrounding area residents (those tickets are in Jozi!)
•Any industry - Agriculture, Forestry, Mining, Construction, Concrete - let's hear from you!

•Competition runs: Tuesday, Jan 23 - Sunday, Jan 28
•Winner announcement: Monday, Jan 29
•Final arrangements: We'll get you prepped by Tuesday, Jan 30

So, unleash your inner reviewer, capture your Revaro machine's magic, or simply share your love for Revaro in the comments below! And remember, 3 lucky winners will be screaming for their Super Kings in no time! ✍✨
Don't forget to tag your friends and fellow Revaro fans - the more, the merrier!#RevaroReviewRevolution #WicketYourWayToVictory #SA20 #SuperKings #Sunrisers #GetYourGameOn
P.S. Bonus points for creativity!
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