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Revaro Concrete Trends

Thu, 07 September 2023
What are you adding to your concrete mix?

According to a leading supplier of construction and concrete materials in South Africa, the ideal high strength concrete mix includes a ratio of 1:3:3 of Cement, sand and water. But this is not exactly the mix were referring to.

Revaro Concrete Equipment (Pty) Ltd offers a wide range of concrete production machines & equipment.

So what can we add to your concrete production mix?

There are different projects that use Precast concrete, some are structural for example bridges, foundations, parking garages, retaining walls etc. Other projects are specific to different types of buildings like office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres or schools. A great example to demonstrate just how diverse our product mix is, is a housing project.

As seen in the image above Revaro Concrete Equipment (Pty)Ltd supplies machines for almost every element that builds your home. We supply brick, block, paver & retaining block making machines, roof tile extruder machines, lintel machines, hollow core slab machines and even concrete pipe & pole making machines. 

Not only do we stock a whole range of machines that make all kinds of different precast materials, but we also supply a wide range of sizes which makes it affordable whether you are a start-up company or an established business. An example of this is our range of brick, block, paver & retaining block making machines, where we stock from manual, electric, hydraulic and large ride-on automatic egg layers, to large static manual, automatic and fully automatic machines with elevator and de-elevator, finger cart, curing rooms and cuber / packer. 

These machine can produce from 7 000 - 250 000 stock bricks, 5 400 - 162 000 pavers, 4 000 - 140 000 maxi bricks & 1 440 - 40 000 6”Hollow blocks per 9hr shift. But it does not end there, Revaro Concrete Equipment also supplies all the additional equipment and machinery needed to set up your entire production plant and the loaders and forklifts to move materials. 

Below is a short list of the product ranges available

  • Brick, block, paver & retaining block making machines

  • Kerb making machines 
    • Our Kerb Making Machines are able to manufacture all South African kerb stones up to 1m in length. They come in 1 or 3 head automatic.
    • Capacity : 400 - 1 500 p/day

  • Lintel & hollow-core slab plants
    • Lintel Capacity : 2 500 - 50 000 p/day
    • Hollow core capacity : 600 - 1 200 p/day

  • Pipe & pole making machines 
    • Pipe sizes : 250 mm - 3000mm
    • Pole sizes : various 

  • Roof tile plants
    • We offer hydraulic pressed or extruder roof tile machines
    • Capacity : 500 - 20 000 p/day

  • Mixers & Batchers
    • Batchers are able to batch up to four different aggregates automatically with PLC, this eliminates maintenance from boom scrapers 
    • Pan, Twin-shaft & large volume Planetary mixers
      • Capacity : 350 - 500L | 500 - 1 500L | 500 - 3 250L 

  • Cone, jaw, hammer crushers
    • Crushing machines & plants are very important in the precast industry as they allow manufacturers to re-use concrete and thereby reduce waste and operating costs.

  • Trolleys & stackers

  • Composite and plywood pallets
    • Revaro Composite Production Pallets are produced from a blend of proprietary high quality composite materials and fibers and are the most significant breakthrough in production pallets.
    • We also supply local and imported pine plywood of the highest quality treated with Revaro wax oil and sealed with phenolic waterproof glues.

  • Roll forming & concrete roof tile machines
    • Roll forming is the process of continuously bending steel coils, by passing them through consecutive sets of rollers, to a desires shape for use in building and construction.  
    • Our Concrete Tile machine is extremely versatile. All South African roof tiles can be produced with the use of interchangeable moulds.

  • PC Wire & strand
    • Our PC Wire and Strand is mainly used in the reinforcement and production of prestressed concrete.

  • Corrugated steel sheeting 
    • We supply Steel coils, meaning sheet metal in coil form, for use in roll forming

  • Forklifts
    • Rough Terrain, All Terrain & Standard from 2Ton to 10Ton
    • Standard from 2T to 35Ton

  • Loaders
    • 1.2T - 5T Wheel Loaders
    • 2T Telescopic Wheel Loader

  • Excavators
    • 0.8T - 6T Excavators

Revaro even keeps your plant running during loadshedding with our Diesel Generators, ranging from 15kVA to 2500kVA, enough to power from your home right up to a fully functioning production plant.

Contact Revaro on 011 794 8271 and find out how we can help you build your precast business. We offer technical support with the layout, commissioning, training and maintenance of your plant and equipment and even stock the wear and spare parts for all types of concrete machines and materials handling equipment.


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